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TTL2011 – synchronous TV service replacement device (synchronous splicer) – enables a seamless replacement of one or several TV services of National multiplex with regional ones, while the rest of the TV services are not affected by the changes. Splicer operates together with a TTL2010 – replacement control data injector (synchronizer). When services replacement is active, due to special algorithms, neither the structure of transport data stream within T2-MI nor the structure of the T2-MI data itself is damaged. Picture quality, due to the absence of transcoding, remains unchanged. No additional encoding, decoding or multiplexing equipment is required. No additional network synchronizing equipment is required. This solution can be used without any modification both within multi-frequency (MFN) and single-frequency (SFN) DVB-T2 networks.


  • No transcoding – no loss of picture quality.
  • Seamless insertion of regional content up to 8 programs in different PLPs simultaneously.
  • Adapted for operation with transport streams in the T2-MI format. 
  • When used with the T2-MI transport stream, only T2MI Baseband frames are subject to modification, since insertion of regional content is carried out at the level of elementary streams transmitted inside PLP selected by a user, the rest T2-MI frames (L1, Timestamps, etc.) remain unchanged. PSI/SI information remains unchanged as well.
  • Extended version of the device has a feature for modification of EIT tables in order to replace EPG of modified TV services in National multiplex with EPG of corresponding regional services.
  • Can be installed directly before DVB-T2 transmitter, and no additional T2-MI adaptation equipment is required. 
  • It is managed by a TTL2010 – replacement control data injector. Only one TTL2010 device is required for a single-frequency network.
  • Together with TTL2010 it ensures a stable operation and quick recovery of a SFN in case of an unforeseen failure during the replacement process
  • A satellite (or any other) channel to deliver regional programs can be efficiently used. 
  • Remote control and monitoring via integrated WEB interface or SNMP.
  • Small size ¼ U 19”